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Osteopath in Versailles Chantiers, Marie Messager welcomes you in her osteopathic practice.

Presentation of Marie Messager, osteopath in Versailles Chantiers

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Osteopath D.O

Studies and diploma of osteopathy

  • Teacher at CEESO Paris
  • Founder of MES OSTEOS
  • Member of the Sunflower Cabinet
  • Member of the SEROPP (European Society for Research in Pediatric and Perineal Osteopathy)
  • Graduated in May 2014 from CEESO Paris, a school approved by the Ministry of Health and Sports.
  • 5 years of study with over 4600 hours of training.
  • CEESO Paris ' training is registered with the RNCP1 (Répertoire National de la Certification Professionnelle at level 1), which corresponds to the highest level of osteopathic training. Only 9 osteopathic schools (out of 119 in 2014) have this qualification.


  • Dissertation : The osteopathy diploma was obtained with the congratulations of the jury after presentation of a dissertation : "the osteopathic management of psychosomatic disorders".

Your osteopath's training


  • DU Emergency first aid and field care in sports environment (Bordeaux)
  • DU Physical trainer
  • DU Osteopathy of the sport in Avignon Training Kinesio Taping France KT3 (expert level)
  • Osteopathy and high level sport training with Pascal Ceyrat
  • FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine
  • GMC (Global Mobility Condition) training
  • Injury prevention training created by the medical staff of the XV de France
  • Air and ground runner training - Volodalen at INSEP 


  • Neurology of the lower limb: sciatica, cruralgia, etc. with L. Fabre
  • Training on the neuroscience of pain with L. Fabre


  • OPP Perinatal and Pediatric Osteopathy training with Roselyne Lalauze-Pol in 3 years
  • Training on Restricted Breathing with Caroline De Ville
  • Training on plagiocephaly
  • Breastfeeding training
  • Fertility and osteopathy training: support for the desire to become pregnant, for the PMA process (stimulation, IVF, etc.)
  • Perineum training with OPP


  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound training
  • DU Clinical and Digital Anatomy at Paris Descartes


  • Osteopathy and dentistry training with I. Hue
  • OSTEOVOX training with A.Piron (ongoing)


  • Structural approach with C. Munck
  • Training in endocrine dysfunctions and osteopathy with V. Namer
  • Training in the integration of the principles of nutrition in osteopathic practice with V. Namer




Former places of practice

  • Cabinet des Tournesols in Nandy (exercise still in progress)
  • Cabinet Baronnet-Caillon in Blois ;
  • Jean Marie Briand's office in Chatenay Malabry;
  • Sabrina Leménager's office in Boulogne Billancourt ;
  • Anthony Private Hospital Maternity Hospital (APH);
  • Cochin Hospital as part of a clinical study on low back pain

Internships completed

  • Orthopedics at the Military Hospital of Bégin (94) ; 
  • Medical imaging at the Centre Cardiologique du Nord (93) and at the Clinique du Landy (93); 
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics at the Kremlin Bicêtre Hospital (94); 
  • Family day care center Les Marmoussets in Ermont (95) ;
  • Anatomy by 4 years of dissections at the Faculté des Saints Pères (Paris, 6th arrondissement)
Marie Messager osteopath in versailles training courses diploma
osteopath of the sport on sporting event marie messager versailles chantiers 78

External interventions

Your osteopath regularly intervenes on external sports events, associations or in companies, for example:

  • Associations : Tro Breiz, ELA, EHEO...
  • Companies: AXA, Stef, Simplebo, La poste, Banque de France...
  • Sporting events: Courbevoie Olympic Meeting, Trail du four à chaux, Foulée des Brettes, Disneyland Paris Half Marathon, 10 km of Magny le Hongre, La rochette verte, Foulée de Vaux le Vicomte...

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