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Consultation room for rent - Medical practice in Versailles - Cabinet Albert Joly

Rent a consulting room Versailles

- Cabinet Albert Joly -
Medical or paramedical office rental in Versailles
3 rooms - can be rented full time or by the day

waiting room cabinet joly rent medical office versailles

A medical or paramedical practice is available for rent in Versailles! 

  • The office to be rented is at the foot of a building with character that has been completely renovated: new walls, new common areas, new roof, etc.
    It will be called the Cabinet Albert Joly

  • Its location: in the Notre Dame district (downtown Versailles), very close to the Versailles Rive Droite train station (300 meters away) and to shops, at the corner of rue Albert Joly and rue Magenta. The office benefits from a high quality residential environment and a direct access by the street.
    Its location on the corner of the street allows it to benefit from great luminosity, but also good visibility. It is ideal for a liberal activity.

  • The office is located in the rue Albert Joly. For your curiosity: Albert Joly is a French lawyer and politician born on November 10, 1844 in Versailles. The street is really pleasant, and has many parking spaces available all year long. It is very easy to park there (handicapped places too).
  • Several beautiful consultation rooms are available, more or less large. They can be rented together or separately.
    The rooms of the practice to be rented are modern, bright and high quality (high quality materials, thermal and phonic soundproofing, new installations). In addition to the 3 consultation rooms, the 3 tenants share a waiting room, a mini kitchenette, and toilets with disabled PMR standards (just like the entire practice). The owner is looking for serious and friendly tenants. 

Rent a room in a new medical office in Versailles Rive droite

The advantages of the Albert Joly office and the consultation rooms

The office is "turnkey" and complies with PMR standards, which is very rare in Versailles

In the heart of Versailles, near the train station, a high quality residential environment

The building is upscale, refurbished, as well as the consultation rooms which are for rent

Ideal for health professionals: medical or paramedical professions

Rent a medical office with PMR standards in Versailles

The medical or paramedical offices with PMR standards (handicapped standards) are rare in Versailles because many buildings are classified or protected, and because these "upgrades" are costly for the owners.

Nevertheless, it has become obvious (and even obligatory) to have a medical or paramedical practice that can accommodate people with reduced mobility, to PMR standards. The law states: "Establishments open to the public (stores, offices, hotels, practices) must be accessible to disabled people." This implies constraints that are necessary and obvious: width of doors, organization of toilets, layout of corridors.

The Cabinet has been designed to meet these standards of accessibility to people with reduced mobility / PMR. 

Consultation rooms available for rent

The office has three consultation rooms of 10 to 17 m² ideal for health professionals: medical and paramedical: 

  • Physician
  • Osteopath
  • Psychomotrician
  • Psychologist
  • Midwife
  • Dietician-Nutritionist
  • Nurse
  • Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Pedicure-podologue
  • Sophrologist
  • Other professions as well


Rental rates

  • Room 1 (10 m2) : 800 € / month or 200€ for 1 day / week
  • Room 2 (12-13 m2) : 1000 €/month or 250€ for 1 day / week
  • Room 3 (16-17 m2) : 1200 € / month or 300€ for 1 day / week

Each consultation room is equipped with :

  • Aesthetic cupboard with niches 
  • Sink and faucet
  • Radiator
  • Colored walls
  • Blurred windows (not yet visible on the pictures)

A small "kitchen" area is available to tenants.

Rental of consulting rooms for rent

  • Rental in classic commercial lease. Each tenant is independent of the others, even if some rooms are shared (waiting room, toilet, etc.)
  • No agency fees, No lease writing fees, No entry fees
  • Deposit: 3 months' rent for the consultation room in question, which the tenant recovers at the end of the rental period
  • Rent for each room: depending on the room chosen 
  • The various consumption of the office will be "all inclusive and fixed" for more simplicity:
    - Internet access
    - Electricity
    - water
    - Condominium fees

  • Other consumables will be at the charge and management of the tenants (cleaning, toilet paper, towels, etc.)

Consulting rooms for rent

Room 1 : 10 m2

Room 2 : 12 m2

Room 3 : 17 m2

The waiting room

waiting room medical office paramedical for rent versailles
waiting room medical office paramedical for rent



Ask the owner a question / Visit the Joly office


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