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Osteopathy practice in Versailles
with Marie Messager


What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual care therapy that aims to prevent, diagnose and treat mobility dysfunctions of the human body's tissues that can alter the state of health.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

To do this, the osteopath takes care of the patient globally, that is to say from head to toe, in order to identify the structures that disturb the balance of the body, called homeostasis, and then to treat the cause but also the repercussions that this may have caused.

Contrary to popular belief, osteopathy works on all the tissues of the body and not only on the bone. Thus, your osteopath will act on the entire musculoskeletal system (bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles) but also on the so-called support system (membranes of reciprocal tensions, fasciae...) as well as the visceral system (the organs of the abdomen but also those of the thorax or the neck)

It is a discipline recognized in 2002 and regulated in 2007 which requires approximately 5000 hours of training spread over 5 years of study.

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Your osteopaths in Versailles

Your body, our passion

Marie Messager and Damien Fabre, are osteopaths D.O., graduated from CEESO Paris after 5 years of study. CEESO Paris is accredited by the Ministry of Health and is one of the 9 schools registered in the RNCP1 (Répertoire National de la Certification professionnelle) at level 1, which corresponds to the highest level of training in osteopathy.

Marie Messager is also based in the Tournesols practice in Nandy (77).
Damien Fabre also practices in Chartres (28).

Both teachers in osteopathy school, they master structural, myotensive, visceral, functional, fascial and cranial techniques, and adapt the techniques according to the patient.

Infants, children, athletes, pregnant women, workers, seniors, etc., your osteopaths welcome you to the practice and will adapt their practices to all types of patients.

The training of your osteopath in Versailles :

Marie Messager, osteopath D.O

Teacher at CEESO Paris

  • Sports:
    • Kinesio Taping France training level KT3 
    • DU Emergency first aid and field care in sports environment in Bordeaux 
    • Osteopathy and high level sport training
    • FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine
    • DU of osteopathy of the sport in Avignon
    • GMC (Global Mobility Condition) training, injury prevention training created by the medical staff of the XV de France
    • Musculoskeletal ultrasound training 
    • DU physical trainer
  • Pediatrics and Gynecology:
    • OPP Perinatal and Pediatric Osteopathy Training
    • Restrictive Buccal Brakes Training
    • Plagiocephaly training
    • Training on the use of swissball for pregnant women
  • Neurology:
    • Lower limb neurology training: sciatica, cruralgia, etc.
    • Pain training
  • Maxillofacial :
    • Training in osteopathic dentistry
    • OSTEOVOX training (in progress)

*DU : University Diploma

Why consult your osteo in Versailles ?

Athina de Vogel osteo versailles

Osteopathy is concerned with all the major systems of the body: the orthopedic and locomotor system, the respiratory and pulmonary systems, the cardiovascular system, the neurological system and the neuro-vegetative system.

With the exception of organic pathologies, your osteopath can take care of many complaints, in case of doubt do not hesitate to contact your osteopath. During the consultation, your practitioner will perform tests in order to eliminate contraindications to osteopathic treatment. In case of suspicion of organic pathology, your osteopath will be able to redirect you to your doctor in order to carry out complementary examinations or to make you benefit from a medical care.

Torticollis, lumbago, digestive disorders, vertigo, tinnitus, neuralgia, sciatica, colic, reflux, fatigue, sleep disorders, the field of osteopathy is very vast. Your osteopath is there to treat or at least relieve you.

For any organic pathology, it is preferable to consult your doctor. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact your osteopath.

The training of your osteopath in Versailles :

Damien Fabre, osteopath D.O

Teacher at EO Paris

  • Pediatrics and Gynecology:
    • Training in haptonomy and haptosynesia at the International Center for Research and Development in Haptonomy (CIRDH - Paris XII)
    • Post-graduate training on the osteopathic approach to infants and children (3 courses) 
  • Other :
    • Introduction to Hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming 
    • Cranial Revisited" training on cranial osteopathy
    • Postgraduate training on Etiomedicine (3 courses)

Who is osteopathy for?

Osteopathy is for everyone. Of course, the manipulations are different for everyone and it is the role of your osteopath to adapt to each one.

Thus, depending on your age, he will modify his treatment which will be different for an adult, a teenager, an elderly person or an infant but also be two people. Depending on your pathologies, he will also adapt; for example, certain techniques are contraindicated for an osteoporotic person or for a patient suffering from cancer, etc. The treatment techniques will vary according to your fears, past experiences, etc. Indeed, some patients do not want to have cracking manipulations and your osteopath is there to meet your expectations. 

Your osteopath is a craftsman of your body and he will choose in his toolbox the best elements to relieve and treat you. Thus, whether you are a sportsman, a sedentary person, an infant, a teenager, an adult, an elderly person, a worker, etc., you are all welcome at the Versailles Chantiers osteopathy office.

Find here the main reasons of consultation that we take in osteopathy according to the type of patients:

Babies and infants

Reflux, Regurgitation
Sucking problems, Colic
Flattening of the skull, Torticollis
Sleep disorders, etc.

Children and teenagers

Balance disorder
Back pain
Growing pains
Scoliosis, etc.


Cervicalgia, Lumbago
Carpal tunnel
Stress, etc.


Post Trauma
Muscle injury
Recovery, etc.

Pregnant women

Back pain
Nausea, vomiting, constipation
Sciatica, cruralgia
Preparation for childbirth, etc.


Stiffness, loss of mobility
Arthritis, etc.

Your osteopathic practice in Versailles

Access to the office


2 rue Alexis de Tocqueville
78000 Versailles
Building C3 First floor 1st right

The office is close to the following cities: Viroflay, Le Chesnay, Vélizy-Villacoublay, Buc, Jouy-en-Josas, Vaucresson, Saint-Cyr-l'École, Chaville, Ville-d'Avray, Sèvres, La Celle-Saint-Cloud, Garches...

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The advantages of your osteo

  • Graduates of CEESO Paris in 5 years
  • From a school recognized by the Ministry of Health
  • Trained in kinesiotaping (expert level)
  • Specialized in pediatrics and gynecology
  • Specialized in sports osteopathy
  • Teacher in osteopathy schools
  • Consultations in companies possible
  • Possible emergency interventions

The bonuses of your osteopath in Versailles

installation of kinesio taping k tape versailles

Installation of kinesio taping

application of strapping versailles sprain strapp

Laying of strapping

GMC global mobility condition bilan de condition physique versailles

GMC tests and protocols

News from your osteopath in Versailles - Yvelines

Sporting events, student supervision, conferences, training, company interventions or blogging,
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