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The pacifier: advantages and disadvantages as seen by your osteopath

Pacifier use in babies and toddlers is a hotly debated topic in the field of child health. Parents often wonder whether pacifiers are beneficial or detrimental...


Take care of your scars! Advice from your osteopath

Scars are the visible marks of our body's history. They can be the result of trauma (accidents, burns) or of various surgical procedures such as caesarean section...


Hip cold

What is a hip cold?
The "hip cold" is a temporary and acute inflammation of the hip joint, which manifests itself by a sudden limp and difficulty walking...

on 03/02/23

What is Moersch-Woltman syndrome (or Stiff person syndrome)

Discovered by Moerch and Woltman, stiff person syndrome is a rare autoimmune neurological disorder characterized by an inability to perform movements that are not necessarily in the normal range of motion.

on 12/15/22

The decompensation of the company manager

This "decompensation" concerns all types of people but I have particularly noticed it in positions of responsibility but a self-employed person, like an employee, can be affected.
We read about it in many...

on 10/12/22

Algoneurodystrophy or SRDC and osteopathy

What is CRPS aka algoneurodystrophy?
Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), formerly known as algoneurodystrophy, is characterized by one or more joint regions of the...

on 06/12/22

Otitis and osteopathy

Localized pain in the ears often originates from an inflammation (sometimes itself a consequence of an infection) of the ear. Rather frequent in the small children and in those who are not...

on 23/09/22

Baby's sleep

Did you know that?
47% of French parents complain about the sleep of their child aged 16-18 months!
Study by Stork, 2000

Baby's sleep is one of the concerns of parents. The arrival of...

on 21/12/21

Baby's teeth

The first teeth usually appear around 6 months. However, they can appear earlier or later. The appearance of the teeth is a source of many questions for the parents, ...

on 20/04/20

Osteoarthritis and osteopathy

Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease and probably the one that generates the most false beliefs and exaggerations in the collective imagination. It is a bit of a catch-all term.

on 04/19/20

Osteoporosis and osteopathy

What is osteoporosis?
Osteoporosis is a pathology that deteriorates the internal structure of the bone. The bone mass is therefore less important, the bone is more fragile and the risk of fractures is higher.

on 04/17/20

Move to age well

Mobilize your cervicals
In this video, you will find simple exercises to do at home to mobilize your cervicals in all parameters:
Flexion / extension Right tilts...

on 04/16/20
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