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Relieving coccyx pain with osteopathy

Although often minimized, coccyx pain can have a significant impact on our daily lives. Whether it's pain resulting from a ch...

le 16/01/24

Back pain? Don't neglect your perineum

Low back pain is a common complaint affecting millions of people worldwide, significantly impacting their quality of life. Often...

le 21/12/23

5 arguments for a visit to the osteopath before the Christmas festivities

As Christmas approaches, the festivities and preparations can sometimes overshadow the importance of looking after your health. Planning a visit to the osteopath in...

le 21/12/23

Introducing Athina de Vogel, your osteopath in Versailles

The origins of your osteopath, Athina de Vogel
Born in the South of France, I grew up at the foot of the Jura before moving to the Paris region...

le 14/11/23

What is the difference between physiotherapy and osteopathy?

Talking about the difference between a physiotherapist and an osteopath is one of the questions we're most often asked in our professional lives as...

le 07/11/23

Understanding "crack" during osteopathic sessions

One of the most debated and sometimes misunderstood aspects of osteopathy concerns the "crack" sound often heard during joint manipulations....

le 03/11/23

The decompensation of the company manager

This "decompensation" concerns all types of people but I have particularly noticed it in positions of responsibility but a self-employed person, like an employee, can be affected.
We read about it in many...

on 10/12/22

All about the swiss ball (or pregnancy ball)

It's hard not to notice this big ball of different colors that we see in exercises for pregnant women, in companies and even in your osteopath's office.
But what does it ...

on 03/10/21

Presentation of Damien Fabre, osteopath in Versailles

The origins of Damien Fabre
Originally from Versailles, where he completed his entire schooling up to the baccalaureate, Damien Fabre went on to study at CEESO Paris, which has since become the ...

on 04/13/21

The benefits of light therapy

Presentation of the light therapy lamp
A lamp of luminotherapy is an artificial light which is similar to that of the sun. The fact of being exposed to this light supports the secretion of...

on 05/03/21

How to choose the right school bag? The advice of your osteopath

It's back to school time. Why not a new backpack for your child?
Backpack or rolling bag or shoulder bag, what size, what straps, in short what bag to choose?
All the s...

on 11/30/20

Consult your osteopath in Versailles during the curfew

At the Versailles Chantiers osteopathy practice, we have always offered late consultation slots to allow all people to consult an osteopath...

on 10/23/20
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