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Pathologies and osteopathy

Take care of your scars! Advice from your osteopath

Scars are the visible marks of our body's history. They can be the result of trauma (accidents, burns) or of various surgical procedures such as caesarean section...


Hip cold

What is a hip cold?
The "hip cold" is a temporary and acute inflammation of the hip joint, which manifests itself by a sudden limp and difficulty walking...

on 03/02/23

What is Moersch-Woltman syndrome (or Stiff person syndrome)

Discovered by Moerch and Woltman, stiff person syndrome is a rare autoimmune neurological disorder characterized by an inability to perform movements that are not necessarily in the normal range of motion.

on 12/15/22

Tietze syndrome and osteopathy

What is Tietze syndrome?
Tietze syndrome, also called costochondritis, was discovered in the 19th century by Alexander Tietze, a German physician.
This syndrome is characterized by...

on 11/12/22

Coccyx pain and osteopathy

What is coccygodynia?
Coccygodynia is a term used to describe pain in the area of the coccyx (tailbone), which is the bone at the base of the spine. This pain is called coc...

on 10/12/22

Algoneurodystrophy or SRDC and osteopathy

What is CRPS aka algoneurodystrophy?
Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), formerly known as algoneurodystrophy, is characterized by one or more joint regions of the...

on 06/12/22

Otitis and osteopathy

Localized pain in the ears often originates from an inflammation (sometimes itself a consequence of an infection) of the ear. Rather frequent in the small children and in those who are not...

on 23/09/22

Ehlers Danlos syndrome and osteopathy

What is Ehlers Danlos syndrome?
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) is an inherited disorder that affects connective tissue.
They are characterized by 3 main signs...

on 06/28/22

What is a fracture?

Bone is an extremely strong structure with a very complex architecture. To give you an idea, it takes a force of 1000 kg per cm3 to break a bone. It is therefore very resistant...

on 09/02/22

What is the Muller-Weiss syndrome that affects Rafael Nadal's foot?

Although quite rare, this syndrome has recently increased its popularity following the recent diagnosis of the famous tennis player Rafael Nadal. We hope that this pathology will not be a problem in the future.

on 8/21/21

Dupuytren's disease and osteopathy

What is Dupuytren's disease?

Dupuytren's disease, described in the 1830s, corresponds to an abnormal fibrous thickening (called fibrosis) associated with a retraction of the skin.

on 18/08/21

Cruralgia and osteopathy

What is cruralgia?

Cruralgia is pain along the crural nerve. This nerve is also called femoral nerve.
Here is on the yellow card, the anatomical description of the crural nerve.

on 18/06/21
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