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Why slackline?

Imagine yourself balanced, focused and moving, defying gravity and your own limits on a strap stretched between two points. The slackline, well ...

on 05/26/24

Osteopathy to help manage stress

Stress is the body's natural response to situations perceived as threatening or difficult. Although it can be beneficial in certain circums...


Preventing common sports injuries in Olympic athletes

Preventing sports injuries is a top priority for athletes at all levels, but it's particularly important for athletes who are at high risk of...

on 05/23/24

The 4th trimester of pregnancy: postpartum and its hormones

Postpartum is a fantastic time, but it can also be very difficult and terrifying. Every birth is different, every post-par...

on 05/23/24

Why should you force yourself to breathe through your nose?

The benefits of nasal breathing
Filtering, humidifying and warming air through the nose
Breathing through the nose plays an essential role in...

on 15/05/24

Scoliosis and osteopathy

Scoliosis, an abnormal curvature of the spine, affects millions of people worldwide. Proven...

on 05/14/24

Cardiac coherence: a beneficial practice for body and mind

Cardiac coherence is a breathing technique that aims to synchronize the heartbeat with breathing. It is based on a breathing rhythm...

on 05/13/24

Why consult an osteopath after breast surgery?

Breast surgery, whether performed for medical reasons such as breast cancer treatment or for cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation, is a...

on 05/13/24

Fibromyalgia and osteopathy

Fibromyalgia is attracting growing interest in the medical field. With its chronic diffuse pain, this pathology affects a wide range of people...

on 11/05/24

Optimizing performance and recovery in Olympic athletes: The key role of osteopathy

At the heart of humanity lies a spirit of competition and a relentless quest for excellence, emblematically embodied by the Olympic Games. This ...

on 03/25/24

Achilles tendinopathy and osteopathy

Achilles tendinopathy represents a major clinical challenge and a subject of growing interest in the field of sports medicine and rehabilitation...

on 03/25/24

Digestive disorders in infants

Digestive disorders are problems that affect the digestive system, which is responsible for digestion, absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste products.

le 22/03/24
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Why slackline?

Osteopathy to help manage stress

Preventing common sports injuries in Olympic athletes


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