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The well-being of managers and employees: part 3 - Environment

The environment
The last big point is the environment.
I've summarized it in 2 parts, but of course it's far from exhaustive:
Light therapy The env...

le 16/01/24

The well-being of managers and employees: part 2 - Spirit

The mind
The second big part of the path to a happy, fit leader or employee is the mind.
Admittedly, they are closely ...

le 15/01/24

The well-being of managers and employees: part 1 - body

Welcome to the training course on the well-being of managers and employees.
I'm going to introduce you to the three key points you need to master to ensure ...

le 15/01/24

Osteopathy for musculoskeletal disorders: an effective approach backed by scientific studies

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are a major health problem affecting many individuals, with potentially harmful consequences for their well-being and productivity.

on 08/06/23
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