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Harp and osteopathy

In the melodious world of music, each instrument has its own particularities and requirements, both technical and ergonomic. Among them, the har...

le 11/06/24

Guitar and osteopathy

The guitar, the emblematic six-stringed instrument, seduces with its versatility and expressive potential. From rock to classical music, it accompanies...


Preventing common sports injuries in Olympic athletes

Preventing sports injuries is a top priority for athletes at all levels, but it's particularly important for athletes who are at high risk of...

on 05/23/24

Achilles tendinopathy and osteopathy

Achilles tendinopathy represents a major clinical challenge and a subject of growing interest in the field of sports medicine and rehabilitation...

on 03/25/24

Neck pain: get your eyes checked!

Neck pain is a common complaint in our modern society, often attributed to prolonged postures in front of computer screens, d...

on 03/21/24

Tennis leg and osteopathy

The tennis leg is characterized by the detachment of the medial gastrocnemius muscle (previously known as the medial gastrocnemius) from its common insertion a...

le 19/01/24

The well-being of managers and employees: part 2 - Spirit

The mind
The second big part of the path to a happy, fit leader or employee is the mind.
Admittedly, they are closely ...

le 15/01/24

The well-being of managers and employees: part 1 - body

Welcome to the training course on the well-being of managers and employees.
I'm going to introduce you to the three key points you need to master to ensure ...

le 15/01/24

Why can your osteopath help you after a miscarriage?

A miscarriage is a difficult experience, both emotionally and physically. During this delicate period, it is crucial to take care of yourself and your baby...

on 12/15/23

Chopart's sprain and osteopathy

Chopart's sprain is an injury to the Chopart's joint complex in the foot, often underestimated and misdiagnosed. Studies have shown that sprains are...

le 11/12/23

Introducing Athina de Vogel, your osteopath in Versailles

The origins of your osteopath, Athina de Vogel
Born in the South of France, I grew up at the foot of the Jura before moving to the Paris region...

le 14/11/23

Consult an osteopath for headaches

Headaches, or céphalées in medical terms, are a very common symptom. Between half and three-quarters of adults aged 18 to 65 worldwide suffer from headaches.

le 07/11/23
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