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3D modeling of the nerves of the left upper limb - Conclusion

3D Vector Reconstruction of
Korean Visible Human
Left Upper Extremity Nerves


The Korean Visible Human (KVH) is a Korean project of 3D modeling of the whole human body made from anatomical sections of a male cadaver. The objective was to make a 3D model of the nerves of the left upper limb and the left brachial plexus from the KVH data.

We were able to perform 3D modeling of the different nerves of the left upper limb as well as the roots of the left brachial plexus . This work has already been done on the right upper limb of the KVH, so we could compare our results and they are in agreement.

The KVH's 3D models are important because to date most 3D anatomy educational software is not made from cadavers but from drawings. This original work constitutes a remarkable pedagogical tool, based on real anatomy, for the anatomical study of the nerves of the upper limb and could eventually be used as a 3D atlas for simulation purposes for training in therapeutic gestures.

These 3D models should be associated with the work of other DUACN students in order to constitute an atlas of 3D anatomy of the whole human body . They will constitute a valuable library for medical education and will lead to new avenues of research in important areas such as virtual surgery, interactive clinical simulations or as a virtual dissection table.

Marie Messager
Osteopath in Versailles
78 - Yvelines

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