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3D modeling of the nerves of the left upper limb - Summary

3D Vector Reconstruction of
Korean Visible Human
Left Upper Extremity Nerves


3D vector modeling from Korean Visible Human (KVH) anatomical sections: reconstruction of the left upper limb nerves and brachial plexus.


Visualization in the three planes of space is essential in anatomy. This is why projects to create 3D atlases of the human body have been launched all over the world, including one in Korea: the Korean Visible Human. This study was made from their database.


Realize a 3D reconstruction of the nerves of the left upper limb of the man from the anatomical sections of the " Korean Visible Human " in a pedagogical and research purpose.

Materials and Methods

Anatomical sections of a deceased Korean man who had donated his body were made in 2010 after an MRI and a CT scan. Sections of 0.2 mm thickness were made on the frozen body with a special saw (cryomacrome). Only the sections numbered from 1087 to 4541 (i.e., 3454 sections) were used for our study. A segmentation by manual contouring of each anatomical element was carried out using the software Windsurf version 3.5 on a laptop running under windows 7 with a Ram of 1 Giga byte.


In total, 6 3D models were made. Namely, 6 nerves of the left upper limb. These 3D models are similar to the models made later on the right upper limb.


This work contributes to the realization of an impressive pedagogical tool for the anatomical study of the nerves of the left upper limb and the left brachial plexus. It can also be used as a 3D atlas for training and simulation purposes for therapeutic gestures.


Nerves - Korean Visible Human - 3D Vector Modeling

Marie Messager
Osteopath in Versailles
78 - Yvelines

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