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Osteopathy and horseback riding: the health of the rider

Presentation of the rider's health
Between the passion of the horse and the practice of sports, horse riding seduces many people since it is the third most practiced sport in France (after the ...

on 04/13/21

Osteopathy and classical dance

Flexibility and elegance are related to classical dance and yet classical dance is an art that requires long hours of training and a great mastery of gestures and movements. This is the...

on 22/03/21

Osteopathy and basketball

Basketball was first introduced in the United States and Canada in 1891 by a physical education teacher. Basketball is a sport that relies on many changes of direction...

on 08/03/21

Sudden infant death syndrome

Definition of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the sudden and unexpected death of a child under one year of age and normally beyond the perinatal period...

on 05/03/21

The benefits of light therapy

Presentation of the light therapy lamp
A lamp of luminotherapy is an artificial light which is similar to that of the sun. The fact of being exposed to this light supports the secretion of...

on 05/03/21

What is the placenta?

A few weeks ago, during a consultation at my office, I ask a woman who is 7 months pregnant if she has any questions. We had just talked about everything and anything and I was hoping to get her enough...

on 21/02/21

How to choose the right school bag? The advice of your osteopath

It's back to school time. Why not a new backpack for your child?
Backpack or rolling bag or shoulder bag, what size, what straps, in short what bag to choose?
All the s...

on 11/30/20

The restrictive oral brakes and osteopathy: tongue brake, lip brake, cheek brake

If you want to know more than the article below about brakes, here is a video with the most important information you need to know about oral restrictive brakes.

10% of babies are born with a...

on 10/25/20

Consult your osteopath in Versailles during the curfew

At the Versailles Chantiers osteopathy practice, we have always offered late consultation slots to allow all people to consult an osteopath...

on 10/23/20

Physical preparation of the U16 soccer

1. Introduction
As a sports osteopath, many sports patients, especially soccer players, are seen in my practice. Osteopathy is a wonderful profession, a real passport to the future.

on 06/24/20

Pregnancy and sport

In the last 30 years, the rate of pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, gestational hypertension and macrosomia of the newborn (size and weight of the baby) has increased.

on 07/05/20

When to consult your osteopath?

Osteopathy has long been considered in the collective imagination as a therapy exclusively focused on the treatment of osteoarticular pain and with a limited scope of application.

on 04/28/20
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