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Piano and osteopathy

Playing the piano, while profoundly enriching, can impose significant constraints on the musician's body. Repetitive movements, p...


Osteopathy to help manage stress

Stress is the body's natural response to situations perceived as threatening or difficult. Although it can be beneficial in certain circums...


Cardiac coherence: a beneficial practice for body and mind

Cardiac coherence is a breathing technique that aims to synchronize the heartbeat with breathing. It is based on a breathing rhythm...

on 05/13/24

Fibromyalgia and osteopathy

Fibromyalgia is attracting growing interest in the medical field. With its chronic diffuse pain, this pathology affects a wide range of people...

on 11/05/24

Digestive disorders in infants

Digestive disorders are problems that affect the digestive system, which is responsible for digestion, absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste products.

le 22/03/24

What is the difference between physiotherapy and osteopathy?

Talking about the difference between a physiotherapist and an osteopath is one of the questions we're most often asked in our professional lives as...

le 07/11/23

Presentation of Damien Fabre, osteopath in Versailles

The origins of Damien Fabre
Originally from Versailles, where he completed his entire schooling up to the baccalaureate, Damien Fabre went on to study at CEESO Paris, which has since become the ...

on 04/13/21

Physical preparation of the U16 soccer

1. Introduction
As a sports osteopath, many sports patients, especially soccer players, are seen in my practice. Osteopathy is a wonderful profession, a real passport to the future.

on 06/24/20

Back pain and sports: what if swimming wasn't so good?

Since almost the dawn of time, we have been hearing that when your back hurts, you should take up swimming and stop running! At the risk of shocking many people, I have the pleasure to tell you that I have...

on 20/01/20

Your osteopath at the Olympiad for Living Together in Versailles

What are the Olympiads for Living Together in Versailles?
Program of the Olympiads for Living Together

The missions of your osteopath on the Olympics in Versailles
Osteopathy, on events...

on 04/23/19
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